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Rhino is strong and powerful animal as you know.
We tried to imitate original shape of Rhino, and is one of the most strong model of d-torso.

d-torso are cardboard craft figures created by Aki Co., Ltd. in which an original system is used in a similar way to a CT scan, in order to cut and break a 3D image for a later reassembly. Each piece of the figure is cut by a highly precise laser machine, which makes the assembling process very simple, since no extra elements are needed (scissors or glue). The main material used for our creations is cardboard and our works are being exhibited and commercialised as eco-friendly products in several museums and design shops both in Japan and internationally.
All the process (design, prototype, production) is controlled by computer, so we can design in short preiod of time. All the parts are cut by laser machine, so the parts can be any material (paper, wood, plastic, metal etc.). Especiall paper can have variety of types and colors, so that can be numerous variations.