What is d-torso?

The d-torso was invented by Aki Co., Ltd., in 1998, and started with a “paperboard assembly mannequin.” Based on the Dimension Transforming System, the d-torso has continued its development as a craft, designer interior object, display piece, and robot, as well as in packages and promotional media. The Miniature Kit Series has proven especially popular among kids and adults, with various designs such as zodiac animals, dinosaurs and well-known characters. The have been sold at designer stores and museum shops, both domestically and internationally.
The video on the right is our concept movie. Our office and factory are located in a former elementary school in the mountainous region of Kunisaki, a city in southern Japan. Shot completely on the Kunisaki Peninsula, it’s easy to see that we are designing and creating our products within the precious gift of nature.
The d-torso was originally invented by Yuki Matsuoka in 1998 to support his wife’s exhibition of knitwear, and the human shape has been its driving theme ever since. We have developed original technology to shape models of objects not by their outer surfaces, but in precision slices. While we have applied that technology to creating animals, machines and other types of structures for the last 15 years, the root has always been the human form. The d-torso does not have outer surfaces or skin. It consists entirely of cardboard slices precisely cut by laser. Viewing the model’s discontinuous assembly, it is easy to imagine the object it suggests. At the same time, the pieces’ internal corrugated structure is visible and obvious. This delicately crafted “balance” between the model’s discontinuous surface and its exposed structure is what makes the d-torso unique. And the d-torso ADAM and EVE are its most striking examples. The d-torso Mini ADAM & EVE Towers are miniature versions of the original EVE Tower & ADAM Tower. How to use the completed model is up to you. You can put it up as an interior decoration, use it as an accessory stand, dress it up – your imagination is the limit.

The d-torso Adam/Eve is a cardboard craft model cut by a specially designed laser. Eve includes 123 pieces, Adam 128 pieces, all attached to cardboard sheets. The pieces are easily removed and put together without the need for scissors or glue, so anyone from children to adults can enjoy the assembling process.
The d-torso animal series features zodiac and other animals, such as the Dog, Warthog, Mouse, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon and Snake. Additional models include the Cat, Pig, Giraffe, Penguin, Reindeer, Deer, Rhino, Pigeon, Tortoise, Goldfish and others. They are all made of cardboard with different color options. The zodiac animal series are popular for New Years greeting cards. Cat110 : 18.75 USD ~
The d-torso Disney series is made by Aki Co., Ltd., and licensed by Walt Disney Japan. We carefully designed each to maintain the original, unique character that Walt Disney intended for them. The models include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Stitch, Winnie the Pooh, and Oswald, in various optional colors. Mickey Mouse : 17.50 USD ~
The Animal Package is very unique, with ham or alcohol placed inside specially crafted d-torso animals. Currently, we have three kinds of packages. The Pig contains ham inside, the Penguin covers a bottle of champagne, and the Tortoise carries canned beer in its shell. They are very popular as gifts, but currently available only in Japan.
The Animal Hanger is another product exclusive to d-torso. You can put your clothes on it just like a hanger, creating a very unusual and eye-catching wall decoration. Used in combination, the three hanger types – Deer, Elephant and Dog – will instantly add unmatched character to a shop or room. Reindeer Clothes Hanger 72.50USD
One of the most significant aspects of the d-torso is that we can easily create models at any size. We have made several life-size animals so far, the largest being the 5-meter-tall Giraffe. We’ve also created a full-size Horse, Cow, Elephant, Dolphin and others.
Watch the movie below to experience the Life-Sized Zoo event held in Fukuoka in 2009.
D+ropop the soft machine
- Human Shape -
The D+ropop is the first paper craft humanoid robot in history. The body is made entirely of organic paperboard shaped to human curves. All the joint parts are controlled by servo motors directed by an intelligent system to make graceful movements.
The D+ropop can express various human shapes and movements enhanced by the natural character of the paper, the variety of the printing, and the surfaces of the cardboard. We consider it to be paperboard living matter.
A gentle, growing humanoid standing between man and machine, absorbing human desire – that is the D+ropop.
Aki Co.,Ltd and Eager Corporation The D+ropop is a mixed-media humanoid created based on the combination of the 3D technology of Aki Co., Ltd., and the electronic technology of Eager Corporation.
The d-torso design team can make custom-cut models based on your request. Please send us an image of what you want to make, the desired size and approximate quantity. Made-to-order products we have completed include racecars, sports shoes, sumo wrestlers, airplanes and more. Not only can we make d-torso custom products at any size, we’ll also engrave your logo and corporate name by high-precision laser, with original colors or printed images on the cardboard, packaging, etc.
If you are interested, please contact us through the link below.
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 Eighteen years ago, I made the first d-torso prototype for my wife’s knitwear exhibition. The first five handmade prototypes were created at that time. Since I didn’t have a laser cutter or even a computer, I designed the pieces directly on the paper and cut them with the scissors, which required an extraordinary amount of time. The current d-torso EVE is the 6th generation, but the basic structure has never changed since then. Seven years after those first prototypes, the d-torso “tower” model was born. I was asked to create a mannequin for displaying the chimageogori—a traditional Korean dress—for an exhibition held by fabric dye artist Fukumi Shimura and designer Lee Young-hee. It was my pleasure to support a pair of the most talented artists and designers. Then, in 2013, we erected an enormous 12-foot EVE Tower at Saks Fifth Avenue in NY. It was an amazing experience for me to gaze up at the massive entasis of that giant EVE Tower. It seems that somebody or some new order is always inspiring the idea and innovation of the d-torso. The mini ADAM and EVE are miniature versions of the mannequin ADAM and EVE. They bring me memories of good old days, and they are still popular products among our d-torso line. I still believe in this as the origin and base of our concept.Yuki Matsuoka / Aki Co., Ltd.

Aki Co., Ltd. CEO/Disigner Yuki Matsuoka